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Anyone who wants to travel needs, at least in most cases, a suitcase. Whether it should be a small suitcase, a large suitcase, a hard case or a soft case, depends on the one hand on personal taste and on the other hand on the destination and the duration of the stay. At koffer24 you will find in any case the right suitcase for you and your individual needs - for your life on the road.

The different types of suitcases

Of course, not all suitcases are the same. First of all there is the trolley. This is the small suitcase that can also serve as hand luggage. In addition, hard cases exist in every size, which, as the name suggests, have a hard case and the counterpart to it, namely soft cases. Of course, there are still suitcases without wheels, but common and much more comfortable are the models with wheels. Here, too, there are differences. So you can choose a suitcase with two or with four wheels. The advantage of two wheels is that these suitcases can be pulled especially well on uneven floors and also thanks to the two fixed feet can not roll away even on sloping floors. A model with four wheels is more mobile and also offers the advantage that you can comfortably push it next to you instead of having to drag it behind you.

What else you need for traveling

In addition to the standard suitcases and suitcase sets, we also offer other types of luggage. If you are only going on a short trip, a practical weekender is a good choice. This offers storage space without having to take a whole suitcase with you. A travel bag is a little more flexible than a suitcase and therefore also practical for all types of travel. At Koffer24 you can also find travel accessories such as toiletry bags, cosmetic bags or garment bags. So you can start your next vacation or business trip well sorted and organized.