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Bike backpacks

Bike backpacks are backpacks designed specifically for cycling. It doesn't matter whether it's your daily commute to work, a leisurely day trip or a challenging bike tour, a suitable backpack will help you carry your luggage comfortably on your bike. Bike backpacks differ from conventional backpacks mainly their shape and construction. They are usually narrow cut and designed for the seated position while biking. In most models, the back area is ergonomically shaped and the shoulder straps are slightly more forward. For a comfortable feeling while cycling, most bike backpacks are made of breathable materials. It is still important that the backpack fits tightly on the back. So he has a secure hold, even when it goes along demanding routes with many curves. Special wearing comfort is offered by bicycle backpacks that are equipped with adjustable straps on the shoulders, chest and hips.

For a comfortable ride - bike backpacks at koffer24

A really good bike backpack must fit perfectly and be able to distribute the load of the luggage back-friendly. Therefore, especially with these sporty companions the quality is enormously important. At koffer24 we offer you high quality bike backpacks for your next big trip or simply for everyday use. In addition to ergonomics, order is also important, which is why bike backpacks usually have a lot of storage space and a clever division of the compartments. Find your suitable model at koffer24.