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What is Ocean Plastic?

If you want to travel sustainably, you should look at what materials your suitcases and travel bags are made of. One of the sustainable materials is Ocean Plastic. Luggage can be made entirely or partially from it and thus actively contributes to environmental protection.

Make something out of trash!

As the name suggests, Ocean Plastic is plastic waste that is fished out of the ocean. Over the years, tons of trash has accumulated in the world's oceans that is not biodegradable. I'm sure you've seen the famous pictures of turtles caught in plastic packaging or sharks killed by an unrecycled plastic fishing net. For Ocean Plastic, this waste is fished out of the oceans, it is processed and then new things can be created from it. Some of the manufacturers whose products you can find on Koffer24 use Ocean Plastic in whole or in part during production and thus ensure sustainable luggage.

And what is Ocean Bound Plastic?

Ocean Bound Plastic is another material you should keep your eyes open for when looking for sustainable luggage. It's also used to make stylish suitcases and practical travel bags these days. Ocean Bound Plastic (OPB) is then used in whole or in part in the manufacture of sustainable luggage.

Picking up the trash before it gets into the sea.

Unlike Ocean Plastic, the material Ocean Bound Plastic is made from does not use garbage that has already ended up in the sea, but something is done earlier. For Ocean Bound Plastic, plastic waste is collected that is located near, usually up to 200 kilometers away, coasts and beaches. This waste will sooner or later be washed into the sea by tides, storms or other inclement weather if it is not picked up. Therefore, the Ocean Bound Plastic principle starts early, even before the plastic can do its damage in the world's oceans.

Sustainable brands at koffer24

More and more companies attach particular importance to sustainability. Raw material procurement, fair working conditions, recycling as well as innovative materials and productions play an essential role. We are constantly looking for companies that create a sustainable added value, so that you also have the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the environment at koffer24.

Our sustainable products

We at koffer24 care about our environment, which is why we are constantly expanding our sustainable product range. We have put together a small selection for your sustainable life on the road. Take a step towards GREEN-Traveling and pack your own sustainable luggage in the future. What are you waiting for?