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Suitcase sets

If you travel a lot, you know how important flexibility is when it comes to luggage. While you certainly pack a large suitcase for a long vacation, it can be just a trolley for a short trip that you take with you. And then there are also the particularly extensive trips, for which you need a large and a small suitcase. It's especially nice when the suitcases match visually. With suitcase sets you achieve exactly that. You get suitcases in different sizes and for different occasions in the same look. This is also very practical when the whole family wants to travel together. So the parents can share the large suitcase, the teenager gets the medium-sized suitcase and the youngest child packs his belongings in the small trolley. On the baggage carousel, it is then clear at first glance which suitcases belong together.

Practical suitcase sets at koffer24

At koffer24 we offer you a wide range of different luggage sets. Choose your favorite from the different designs of the manufacturers and be prepared for all eventualities. Thanks to the high quality of our products they are very durable and therefore sustainable. So you will be able to make many great vacations with your new luggage set.

Suitcase sets - best prepared for the trip

We all know it: You want to travel but unfortunately your suitcase is somehow too small. So pack everything that doesn't fit into a second bag, even if it's not at all suitable for traveling. Or alternatively do without something and take less. A third option is our practical suitcase sets. Because here you can order several suitcases at once in one set and also save money. Visually, the suitcases all fit together and you can choose which size seems suitable for the current trip. Yes, and even if not everything fits into one suitcase, you now have several at hand, in which you can safely store all your travel items.

Suitcase sets - never again space problems

Suitcase sets do not only offer you enough possibilities to store your things you need on your travels. These sets are especially suitable for couples or families, i.e. for those who do not travel alone. Again, there is enough space so that nothing has to be left behind for the trip. Since all suitcases have the same look, they are easier to assign and you always have everything in view. In contrast to buying them individually, you can of course also save money, because in the set the suitcases are cheaper. Find branded products from Travelite, Stratic or American Tourister at koffer24 and use the luggage sets for all your trips in the future - no matter if it's a short trip or an extended annual vacation.

Different luggage sets to choose from

We offer you several luggage sets, which you can choose according to your needs. With a 2-piece set you have enough space for yourself. If more people are traveling or you are traveling for a longer period of time, the 3-piece luggage sets are the best choice. Or you can choose a suitcase set that even consists of four pieces, because in addition to the three suitcase trolleys in different sizes, there is also a small travel bag that you can use as hand luggage. Find exactly the right luggage sets for you and your loved ones in the online store of Koffer24 - so nothing stands in the way of your next trip.