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Hard shell suitcase

Hard shell suitcases have, as the name suggests, a hard exterior. This may initially raise the question for many, whether these suitcases are then possibly particularly heavy. However, this is no longer the case with modern models. They even offer some advantages. Thanks to the hard shell, the luggage is extra well protected. So if you're transporting a special souvenir from your vacation in your suitcase or don't want your clothes to wrinkle on a business trip, a hard-shell suitcase is the best choice. The telescopic bars with which hard shell cases are equipped are also practical. With these, the fully packed luggage can be easily pulled or pushed and thus offer extra comfort.

Hard shell suitcases in many variations at koffer24

Hard shell suitcases are available as practical trolleys, which can also be carried as hand luggage with many airlines. The small size allows you to take the most important items for a short trip. If you are traveling longer, then you can find a hard case also larger. At koffer24 we offer you many different models in different colors and sizes. Depending on what kind of trip you need your hard case, you will surely find the right one to transport your luggage safely and securely.

Hard shell suitcases - renowned brands at koffer24

What kind of suitcase you use for your trip is certainly due to your taste and practicality. While one wants a soft case, another swears by a hard case. Still another prefers a trolley, a travel bag or even a backpack. What is important in all of this is that the luggage can be stored safely, will not get lost and will not be damaged. Also, the suitcase itself should not result in any damage during a trip. What advantages a hard shell suitcase offers, we would like to take a closer look. Good to know: No matter which luggage you choose, at koffer24 you will always find high quality brands. Among them are well-known companies like Samsonite, Travelite, Stratic and also Titan.

Hard shell suitcases - these points will convince you

In addition to your own preference, everyone should also look at the advantages of a piece of luggage. The hard shell suitcase knows how to convince:

  • With a hard case, the contents are well protected at all times, especially when the case is also sometimes treated a little rough.
  • Thanks to particularly light materials, the suitcase itself is not heavy and, moreover, the total weight can thus be significantly reduced.
  • If the hard case stands in the rain for a long time, you can assume that a high-quality product does not let water through.
  • The materials from which a hard case is made are durable and robust, so you will have many years of enjoyment with your luggage.
  • Mostly hard cases offer the possibility to lock the case itself, so that the contents are safely stored.
  • Dirt usually makes little difference to the hard case, it is relatively easy to clean.

As you can see, a hard case offers you considerable comfort when traveling. Would you like to do without it?

Hard shell suitcase - large selection at koffer24

Decide which size your hard case needs, whether you need several sizes - for example for short trips and for an extended annual vacation - and how your case should look like. For this we offer you a large selection of branded products at Koffer24. Look around at your leisure and choose your suitable luggage. From 40 euros purchase value we ship free of charge, and you also have a 30-day return policy. If you have any questions, please contact us via our free hotline.