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A daypack describes, as the name already suggests, a day backpack. This is a simple backpack that is lightweight and does not require a frame. It usually offers enough storage space for everyday items and is therefore often used as an everyday backpack or for leisurely trips without sporting activity. Since it is often also worn at work, while strolling around town or even in a café or restaurant, the look of a daypack is paramount. A daypack makes your everyday life easier, because it is worn comfortably over both shoulders and therefore, unlike the usual handbag, ensures a straight posture. In addition, you always have your hands free and can easily ride your bike or operate your cell phone.

Stylish and practical daypacks

The focus of the daypack is clearly on the appearance. However, since a daypack is worn on many occasions, often including light sporting activities such as walking or smaller hikes, the quality is also crucial. At koffer24 we offer you a wide selection of stylish, but at the same time high-quality daypacks. Thanks to high-quality materials and good manufacturing, you will find a daypack that will stand up to your everyday demands and perfectly match your personal style.

Daypacks for everyday use

A daypack is a backpack that is designed for everyday use. That means you can use it for school, work, shopping or sports. Daypacks are also ideal for day trips or hiking. And even on longer trips daypacks can do a good job, because the backpacks are comfortable to wear and have a large capacity. The difference from a conventional backpack: they do not have a frame and are therefore more flexible. Thanks to the robustness daypacks do a lot with, especially if they are high-quality backpacks. For this purpose, we at koffer24 offer branded products from Eastpack, Samsonite, Vaude and also from Reisenthel, among others.

Daypacks - the advantages

Daypacks offer you - in contrast to other pieces of luggage such as suitcases or bags -a lot of advantages. These include:

  • Comfort: since you wear daypacks on your back, they are usually equipped with pads, so they offer a high wearing comfort. They are also particularly lightweight and ergonomically shaped - designed for everyday use.
  • Mobility: Always free hands, that is no problem with a daypack. So you always have your hands free for other things.
  • Storage: Depending on the size of the daypack, the backpack offers enough storage space for all the things you need during the day.
  • Organization: With numerous pockets and compartments, which are often lockable, your things are stored safely and organized. Long searches are no longer necessary.

Discover the advantages and look forward to an enormous versatility of daypacks.

Daypacks - from backpacks to roll tops

The selection in our online store is also diverse. You will find backpacks, bike backpacks, hiking backpacks, travel backpacks and even rolltops, backpacks whose volume you can determine yourself by rolling up the upper part. Once used, you'll love our daypacks and never use anything else. Find the right daypack for your adventures here at koffer24.