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On the road with the car

Get in and blast off

Many travelers prefer to vacation by car. It is the great flexibility that appeals to them. There's enough room in the car for the whole family, maybe even the dog and, of course, the luggage. But especially here it can quickly happen that you lose the overview. After all, you're not bound by any luggage regulations in the car. In addition to the suitcase, countless bags and boxes often end up in the trunk and at some point the vacation chaos is perfect. But with the right luggage, it's easy to load your car in an organized way so that you arrive at your vacation destination stress-free and don't waste the entire first day of your vacation unpacking.

With the whole family in the car - a challenge

Anyone who has ever traveled with children knows how much organizational talent this requires. It becomes easier when the children get their own children's suitcases. These suitcases are smaller and visually appealing to children. This way, your offspring will have fun packing their suitcases and will certainly try to load everything for the trip into their own luggage. If the parents then pack one medium-sized suitcase each or one large suitcase together, then there is enough space in the trunk and order remains. A special tip for traveling by car is to use soft suitcases. These are more flexible in their shape than hard shell suitcases and can thus still bring a few centimeters of space savings in the trunk. At koffer24 we offer you suitcases in different sizes as well as a large selection of children's suitcases.

Car cases for special models

At first glance, some cars are not necessarily made for traveling. This is often the case with convertibles. But also for this there is a solution. At koffer24 we offer you car cases that fit even in a small trunk. They are often made of flexible materials and have special sizes. So with a car suitcase you are able to start your vacation even with a small trunk.

Find the right car cases for your model

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