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Credit card cases

You certainly already know it from everyday life. The wallet is bursting at the seams, because it no longer contains only cash in bills and coins. Much more space is now taken up by the countless cards that you have to carry around with you. These include, of course, credit and checking cards for making payments or withdrawing cash. They also include various club membership and customer cards, ID cards, driver's licenses and health insurance cards. Most of these cards are essential when traveling and should therefore be carried. A credit card case can keep everything in order.

Credit card cases for order in your luggage

Credit card cases are characterized by the fact that they are much smaller and handier than wallets. However, there is no room for small change. Most credit card cases consist of slots for the cards and a clip for banknotes. Due to their slim and flat shape, they fit in trouser and jacket pockets or in the inside pocket of a handbag. So you always have the necessary documents and cards quickly at hand. At koffer24 we offer you a wide range of chic credit card cases that will keep your documents in order for the trip. Here you can accommodate all check cards and thus keep them safe during your trip.