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If you like to travel by bike, then you need luggage that is specially designed for it. They must be practical, easy to attach to the bike and at the same time ensure that your luggage stays dry. The bicycle is an increasingly popular means of transport and is used both in everyday life as well as for trips or even entire journeys. Depending on how long you are traveling with your bike, you need different sized luggage. Are you looking for bike bags for everyday use, then a small bag that you can attach to the handlebar or a saddle bag is just right for you. Here you get all the necessary items under and have your hands and arms free for cycling. If you even make a whole vacation with the bike, then luggage carrier bags are optimal for you. They are easily attached to the rack and offer enough space for clothes, toiletries bag, food and Co.

It all depends on the quality

Whether you want a saddle bag, a handlebar bag or carrier bags, you should pay attention to extra good quality when buying. After all, it can always happen that you get into a storm. Your luggage should be protected from getting wet by high-quality materials. At Koffer24 you will find a wide selection of luggage for your next trip by bike.