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It is not only practical, but also stylish - the backpack is rightly becoming increasingly popular. It can make everyday life easier, but also be a reliable companion when traveling. Whether simple or chic, for private or business, backpacks are true all-rounders. At koffer24 we offer you a wide range of different models for all walks of life.

Comfortable and still chic business on the road

In everyday business life, it may happen that you need to transport your work materials, such as various documents and the laptop. Maybe you're going on a business trip, or maybe you take your laptop home with you every day. In any case, at Koffer24 you will find a stylish and comfortable business backpack to your taste. With it you have all necessary utensils at hand and you can be seen well in the office.

Backpacks for traveling

A backpack is the perfect travel companion. It offers a lot of storage space and is easy on the back because it puts equal weight on both shoulders. This means that even when carrying a lot of weight, your posture will not be crooked. In a large backpack you can perhaps even pack your entire luggage, the smaller variant can serve you as hand luggage. Backpacks are especially popular for hiking vacations. After all, you need to take some provisions and additional clothing with you on a hiking trip. You can easily fit all this into the practical companion, without it hindering you while hiking.

The backpack in everyday life

Backpacks are trendy and can be found on the catwalks of various fashion houses. And that's a good thing. From bicycle backpacks to leather backpacks to wrap-around backpacks, we at koffer24 offer you all variants that can make your everyday life easier. With a backpack you are not only modern, but also comfortable on the road. Of course, we also offer models for the little ones with our selection of children's back packs. So everyone will find a suitable backpack that can accompany him in everyday life.

The right backpack for everyone

When traveling, it can be seen again and again - and not only with backpackers. But also in many other areas a backpack can do good service. It is a reliable companion with which you can comfortably transport many things. So he is for the city stroll, shopping or leisure always with you, as well as in sports, at school or in the office. If you are on the road by bike, you can transport a backpack much better than bags or suitcases. And when you go on vacation, the backpack can also keep your luggage safe, so you always have everything you need for your trip.

A backpack offers many advantages

But let's take a closer look at the benefits of a backpack.

  • Since it is worn on both shoulders, the weight is distributed evenly. This relieves the strain on your back and prevents one-sided strain and a hunched posture.
  • You always have your hands free with a backpack. As mentioned above, this is especially practical when cycling. But also otherwise you don't have to carry a bag around all the time and put it somewhere when needed.
  • When traveling, different sizes are ideal. Larger backpacks carry your laundry, smaller ones you can take on day trips.
  • Modern backpacks in particular are made of lightweight materials, so the overall weight is significantly reduced. This is especially practical when flying with a maximum weight in luggage.
  • Backpacks usually have integrated pockets and compartments, so you can better organize your belongings and find things quickly.
  • Backpacks are also ideal for hitchhikers. They often have reflectors and other safety features, increasing safety especially in low light conditions.

High quality backpacks at koffer24

We at koffer24 offer you numerous pieces of luggage that will reliably accompany you on your travels. Look for the right luggage with us. Find high-quality suitcases, travel bags, trolleys and also backpacks of well-known brands. Since the environment is also important to us, we attach great importance to sustainability, which is why many of our backpacks on offer are made of recycled materials. We will gladly inform you about this in detail. Get your suitable backpack in our online store now.