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Everything for the kindergarten

Let's go to kindergarten

Going to kindergarten marks the beginning of a new phase of life, both for you as a parent and for your child. For the first time in their life, they are on their own and spend part of the day without you. This is a wonderful experience in itself and prepares your child for school, but many parents worry about their little ones, especially at the start of kindergarten. To ease some of your worries, it is important to equip your child perfectly.

Special requirements for kindergarten bags

At kindergarten, your child will need at least one lunch box, a water bottle and a change of clothes. Sometimes they also need to take their favorite cuddly toy from home. But of course you can't send your child off with a normal rucksack. The nursery bag or children's rucksack must be suitable for children in terms of size, shape and appearance. It must be easy for your child to carry, but there must be room for all the items they need. That's not so easy. At koffer24 you will find high-quality kindergarten bags and children's backpacks with great designs and in beautiful colors, so that your child is not only practically equipped, but also has fun with his new bag.

Good ergonomics for children's backs

A kindergarten child is naturally still growing, which makes the back particularly sensitive. The correct ergonomics of a kindergarten bag are therefore important. The straps should be padded, as should the back section. The size must not be oversized and must correspond to your child's height. A low weight is also important. When buying a nursery bag, you should therefore make sure it is of high quality. Take a look around the koffer24 online store and find the right nursery bag or backpack for your child.

Discover colorful backpacks and bags for the start of kindergarten

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