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Not only when traveling, but also in everyday life you need a lot of money, cards and documents. Especially when traveling abroad, people like to carry cash with them, because they never really know whether they will be able to withdraw money with their own credit card. But the credit or giro card should still not be missing in the luggage. Then there are various club and customer cards, ID cards, driver's licenses and health insurance cards. All this must be safely stowed away so that you always have your documents and cash at hand. A nice and well-divided wallet is therefore a must.

Wallets for travel and everyday life

Of course, you need all your cards and money not only when traveling. Purses are also necessary in everyday life. They come in different sizes. Some like a small and handy wallet that can easily disappear in their pocket, while others prefer to reach for large wallets that offer enough space for cards, money and other documents. At koffer24 we have a wide selection of wallets for you. Choose a model that suits you and your needs. Not only the size is important, but also the shape and color should please you and at best visually match your other travel accessories.