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Trekking backpacks

Trekking backpacks are designed to carry all your gear on a trip or a longer tour. Therefore, they have extra volume and a clever division of space. There must be room for everything in a trekking backpack. From the tent to the gas stove to your clothes and food, you should be able to comfortably store everything here. Trekking backpacks therefore usually offer many interior and exterior pockets and compartments separated by zippers. In many models you will find a division into main and bottom compartment, an extra lockable intermediate bottom and flexible lid compartments. An additional compartment with tube guide system for integratable hydration systems offers extra comfort.

Ergonomics is important for trekking backpacks

When buying a trekking backpack, you should definitely pay attention to high quality. Most of the time, the fully packed backpacks weigh twenty kilos or even more. If you travel with it for days on your tour, you run the risk of damaging your back. It is therefore important that trekking backpacks are comfortable to carry. They usually have stiffened back sections, profiled stays, padding on the back and straps, and a strong hip belt. At koffer24 you will find high quality trekking backpacks that not only look good, but also have ergonomics written all over them. So you can start well organized, comfortable and back-friendly in your next great adventure.