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Backpacking - hands free and everything with you!

A very special kind of vacation is probably backpacking. Here, the main thing is to really get to know distant countries. Often the journey is the destination. During the trip, however, a backpacker would also like to have his hands free, which is why he chooses not a suitcase, but just a backpack. Many who have never traveled with a backpack may wonder how this is supposed to work. The answer is simple! You just have to pay attention to a few little things.

Finding the right backpack

First of all, it depends on how long you want to be on the road. Depending on this, the size of your backpack should be. For a shorter trip, a larger hiking backpack will suffice, while for a long trip it should be a well-equipped trekking backpack. In any case, ergonomics is important. The backpack should be padded on the back and have adjustable shoulder straps and an additional hip belt. This will protect your back, even if your backpack is very heavy and you have to carry it for several hours. It is also practical if your backpack has extra compartments, such as a separate compartment in the bottom or in the lid, and several external pockets. This way you can carry the things you need more often within easy reach. You can find the right backpack for your backpacking trip at koffer24, because we have different designs for all occasions.

Packing the backpack correctly

Classically, a backpack is packed from the bottom up. While you can open a suitcase completely and quickly find what you are looking for, in the worst case you have to empty your backpack completely to get to the pants or shirt you need. Therefore, in addition to backpacks with extra compartments, small bags that you buy for the interior. You can then sort your luggage into these and don't have to fish every single piece of clothing out of the backpack.

Discover our practical backpacks for your backpacker life

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