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Choose the right pieces of luggage for your business trip


for the business trip

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Finding the right suitcase for your business trip

Are you planning a business trip and looking for the perfect suitcase to transport your work documents and personal belongings safely and comfortably? Choosing the right suitcase is crucial to making your trip stress-free and efficient. In this article, we'll discuss the criteria and tips to help you find the ideal suitcase for your business trip.

Size and capacity

The size of your suitcase depends on the duration of your business trip and the items you need to take with you. If you often have short business appointments, a smaller suitcase suitable for hand luggage may be sufficient. For longer trips or if you need to take technical equipment such as laptops or presentation materials, a larger suitcase may be necessary. Make sure that the suitcase has enough compartments and pockets for organization.

Weight and material

The weight of your suitcase can make a big difference, especially if you fly often. Lightweight materials such as polycarbonate or aluminum are a good choice to minimize the overall weight of your luggage. However, make sure the suitcase is still durable and sturdy to protect your valuable items.

Wheels and handles

Mobility is key, especially if you need to transport your suitcase around airports and business centers. A suitcase with four double wheels makes it easy to maneuver, even in narrow aisles. Sturdy telescopic handles that can be easily extended are also important to make transportation comfortable.

Security and protection

The safety of your business documents and personal belongings should be a top priority. Make sure the suitcase has a reliable lock or TSA locking device that can be opened by airport security authorities if an inspection is required. A shockproof case or padded lining provides additional protection for fragile items.

Here you will find a selection of business suitcases

Partitioning and organization

A well-organized suitcase can make your business trip much easier. Look for a model with lots of compartments, pockets and a laptop compartment to keep your documents and technology safe. A suitcase with a divider system or packing straps will help keep clothes and items neatly organized.

Design and style

Your suitcase is an important accessory on business trips and can make an impression on clients and colleagues. Choose a design and style that matches your professional image. Classic colors such as black, grey or navy are often a safe choice, but more modern options are also available.

Price and quality

The quality of your suitcase is of great importance, as you want to make sure it will stand up to the demands of your business trips. Choose a suitcase from a reputable brand that is known for its durability and quality. Also consider your budget, as high-quality suitcases can be a long-term investment.

Additional tips for choosing the right suitcase:

  • Try out the suitcase before you buy it to make sure it moves well and is comfortable to handle.

  • Consider whether you prefer a hard suitcase or a soft suitcase. Hard cases offer more protection, while soft cases are often lighter and more compressible.

  • Check whether the suitcase has enough storage space for your specific requirements, such as space for shoes or suits.

  • Take note of the suitcase's warranty to make sure you are covered in case of problems or damage.

  • Think about the possibility of labeling the suitcase individually to avoid confusion on business trips.

Choose the right pieces of luggage for your business trip

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